Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Concert Musings

Holy crap, these parents are fiercely protective over their seats.

Keeners show up almost an hour early.

The angry kids who obviously don't want to be on stage make the show 100% better. 

Don't sit beside the grandma who comments on the wardrobe choice of EVERY SINGLE CHILD who steps on stage.

Don't sit beside the grandma who can't remember if her twin granddaughters are in grade one or two."Is that them? No wait, is that them? Caroooooo-line? Is that you?"

DO offer to take pictures for the gramps who can't figure out how to turn on the camera. It'll save you the grief of hearing him say "Well I think it worked that time" over and over again.

Risers people, risers. When the stage is the same height as the chair seats, parents can't see their kids who are sitting on the stage.

Don't sit in the front row. You may want to see your little bean up close but the spit flying from the mouths of babes every time they say "Grinch" is enough to keep you full of flu germs for the next 12 months.

Your fancy camera/iPad/Playbook is lovely.... but when you want to tape the entire show, move to the back because now every parent behind you can no longer see.

Sweet mother, is it the parents or the kids who are stinking up the place?

For heavens sakes, if you're bringing a 1 year old to an hour and a half long concert, bring a bloody toy, soother or cheerios to keep them busy.

And thank you teachers, for doing something with my kids that I could never, ever accomplish.

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