Friday, January 10, 2014

Nailed It.

Usually I'm pretty good at crafting so when I saw these pretty little snowglobes at I don't blog I figured they'd be perfect Christmas crafts for the boys to give their aunts.

used with permission from I don't blog
Super cute tiny jars and little finger puppets I found at the party store, ready to roll.

I followed the instructions, for real. Waited a full 24 hours after gluing the figures in the jars before adding the water, glycerine and glitter.

Right away, the snowglobes went all cloudy and I'm in my kitchen growling about cheap glitter.

"Dammit. I knew I shouldn't have mixed dollar store glitter with Martha Stewart glitter. Martha probably puts some magical properties in her glitter that make it completely incompatible with dollar store stuff because you know... Martha Stewart."

But I wait another 24 hours thinking maybe it just needs to settle and they'll be fine.

They weren't.

They've continued to sit on a shelf until last night when I had an absolute revelation.  In the cupboard, grabbing a spice jar and I see the glycerine.  Sitting right beside the tub of glucose.

Oh yes. I used glucose instead of glycerine in the water.

Bloody brilliant.

But for the record, I still wouldn't be surprised AT ALL if Martha and her super glitter had something to do with it. Because, you know.... Martha Stewart.

**Thanks to Alex at I don't blog for letting me use her pretty snowglobes to showcase my spectacular fail. I'm getting pretty used to making my friends look extra good. ;)


  1. LOL This post cracked me up!!! I also wouldn't put it past Martha Stewart either, because... you know.

    1. Haha thanks Nancy! I'm thinking of starting a #BlameItOnMartha support group.