Thursday, January 2, 2014


The first time we saw him, he was sneaking around a corner and stealing food from the cat's dish. 

Whatever, we said. It's just a tiny mouse, we said. We'll buy some mouse traps, we said.

We thought it would go something like this:

We baited the traps with cat food (because that's what he seems to like), then cheese. And he got both off without setting off the traps. So Neighbour Stan told us to bait the traps with peanut butter. The little bastard somehow managed to eat off all the peanut butter without setting off the trap. So I coated the traps in some nice sticky honey and stuck some delicious multigrain bread on top for good measure. The malicious mongrel got the bread off the honey again, with traps still set for action. 

Our house basically looks like this now:

We've got glue traps. A multi-catch humane trap. A homemade humane trap. It foils them all.

We're dealing with some sort of mouse super genius here.

My husband may or may not have been talking about buying a shotgun. Obscenities have been yelled, directed towards a mouse the size of a clementine. Baiting a trap the other day, I promised my son it was safe. In a show of spectacular parenting, I then proceeded to let the trap go on the boy's finger. We wait with bated breath for a SNAP which, as it seems right now, may never happen.

Have you ever dealt with an evil mouse genius and lived to tell the tale?


  1. We have! And although it was a gong show for awhile, we managed to prevail! But don't get me started on the process. It wasn't pretty.

    1. I want to hear your story but as ours hasn't had its ending yet, I'm terrified to ask! We're working on it but dang, this mouse is crafty!