Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'm angry. You've been warned.

I got a note home yesterday, crumpled in the bottom of my 4 year old's backpack. This is what it says:

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Unfortunately, due to the current political situation, Room 4 will not be participating in Pizza Thursdays until further notice. Please pack a full lunch for your son/daughter on Thursdays.

I understand that Ontario teachers are fighting what they feel are grave injustices. Do I agree with them? Not so much. But in the end, they're fighting, as teachers are prone to do. I've seen teachers strike before, I've seen them threaten to strike many times and I've seen them pull back services in schools.

And then I had kids. Now it really matters.

Now I know that raising a ruckus over pizza day seems silly. It is! But for me, I'm looking at the root of the issue and what the school administrator's are doing about it.

I called the school and asked why pizza day was being cancelled. "I can't comment on that, you'll have to ask the teacher" I was told.

I explained to the administrator that my son felt left out because his older brother would still be getting pizza. I explained that I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to bring in pizza for my boy on Thursdays but I know that other parents aren't always able to do so.

I asked if a parent volunteer could come in and take care of the pizza dealings so the class could still have pizza. "I'm sorry, you'll have to ask the teacher permission, it's their decision."

Here's where I get angry. Our government has foolishly given teachers so much power that they are able to threaten to strike just about every year for just about any reason imaginable.

Our government has also apparently given the teachers complete control over their classrooms and whether or not a parent is allowed to come in and do the work that the teacher refuses to do???

This is not about pizza. This is about control. This is about teachers taking their issues out on the kids. If there is a club that a teacher normally runs each year but decides not to, no big deal. If a teacher decides to longer run the intramural league, although sad, is no big deal. But if the school is having the pizza, the entire school should have pizza. If the teachers don't want to serve pizza either let the parents come in and do it or have no pizza days. You can't shut it out of one class but not the others.

When will the Ontario government stop letting the teachers union run the whole damn show?


  1. I say go in and do it anyway, permission be damned. Your minor child is in their class and if they don't want to do *their damned job* then come in and show them up.

  2. Well I don't think it's "their job" to hand out pizza, that definitely goes above and beyond a teacher's role but if one teacher out of an entire school decides they won't give pizza to their class, the administration should step in and allow parents to serve, not give the teacher 100% control over everything that goes on in the classroom... even something as innocuous as pizza day.