Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's been a messy few weeks...

An update on our recent "stuff"...

- Boy 1 was rejected for an early literacy program at school because he is below the levels they are trying to help. Good news is that he's receiving help and/or special ed 3 times a week which is much more than he's ever received before.

- The entire school's pizza lunch program was cancelled so there's no more fight over letting parents help. 

- We have finally received a court date for taking our land/scum lords to the housing tribunal. Thankfully I've kept impeccable records of all conversations and emails. Last week the landlord called me a "crazy bitch". Although he may indeed be correct, I think being upset over not having locking doors, a working furnace or hot water warrants at least a little bit of crazy.

- Our neighbour's dog had puppies. Golden line from boy 1... "Mom, did she have to wreck her belly to get them out?"

- I seem to have a huge amount of excess creative energy since I'm no longer making cakes. I'm transferring the energy to crafting which I'm sure  I think is driving my husband bananas. I've committed to making at least 80% of our Christmas gifts... wish me luck.

- I started actively looking for work this week. While I'd really like to start work in the not for profit/social profit industry now, I don't have a lot of paper skills, just practical. Seriously looking forward to attending Conestoga College next year and starting this journey. Until then, I'm looking for something part-time to fill my hours and contribute to some household bills.

- We went to the opening of the Avatar exhibit at THEMUSEUM in Kitchener. Next week I'll share some pictures from this super interactive show.

That's it for now. Next week I'll be sharing my thoughts on Avatar, how to make an epipen belt and reveal the lampshade I made out of old records for my retro dining room!

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