Wednesday, April 3, 2013

they tell me it's not polite to sniff other people

I've been a faithful Soapnuts user for 4 years now. If you've never heard of Soapnuts, they're a small fruit that grows on trees in India and Nepal which are dried. You place a few half seeds into a small cloth bag, throw it in your washer and because of the natural saponins found in their shells, they clean your clothes, chemical free. When you get really adventurous, they can even be made into a natural foaming handwash, general household cleaner and bugspray.

I fell in love with Soapnuts after my son's eczema started going crazy. I removed all chemicals from our home and the Soapnuts fell right in line with our new eco-friendly focus.

Since a 1 kg bag does 300 loads of laundry, lasts a year and costs only $30, I've saved a TON of money on laundry detergent.

But.... well, basically... my husband is a jerk, earth hater....  and decided that since he's never been as gung-ho about the go green thing as I've been, he doesn't need to follow the rules anymore. And he went out and bought a bag of Tide Pods to do his own laundry in.


Soak your skin in chemicals. See if I care.

(Oh wait, I actually DO care.)

So he did some laundry, brought it to me to fold and I made a BIG mistake.

I sniffed it.

And I liked it. 

♫ i sniffed a girl and i liked it ♬ My head. It's not always a pretty place to be.

So now, I'm basically just sniffing him or his laundry all the time. This would be fine, if I was a dog. But I'm not. And apparently, it's not socially acceptable to go around sniffing people.

So tonight I'm turning my test kitchen into a scratch and sniff kitchen to see if I can replicate something lovely out of essential oils to add to my own laundry.

I'm not ready to switch teams yet but I am determined to make my eco-friendly laundry smell just a wee bit prettier. Because people don't like it when you sniff them at the bus stop.

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