Tuesday, August 20, 2013

clearance is my favourite word

You know that commercial where the woman runs out of the store screaming "START THE CAR!" to her husband? It totally happened today.

We went school shopping and stopped at the children's resale store my sister works at. And these happened.


Kids shoes for $3.50? Sign me up.

Then we went to a discount store in the same plaza (think Giant Tiger, K-Mart kind of place) to look for lunchbags. That was a bust but while waiting for my sister to pay for her pillows I spotted a table with clearance items on it.

But this was no regular clearance sale. O.M.G.

First up, this gigantic mirror was regularly $14.99.

50¢! Sold. And the "crack" is about 1/2" in the bottom of the frame that no one will ever see.

Then I saw a multi phone charger. Since my hubby stole mine this morning (which, yeah, was technically his...) I was in need.


1 broken adapter, which isn't even actually broken, the casing just snapped off. So, another 50¢ item.

We don't usually use bug spray but we've got a big hike coming up that may need a little more than my homemade version so I splurged another 50¢.


 Broken lid? Big deal.

Then some eyeliner.... I've never used this brand but for 25¢ I'm willing to try once.

And finally this guy... who wasn't on the super giant clearance sell-out rack but was super cute and my kiddos have been begging for a sprinkler. We splurged on this one at $2.99.

So we had a major shopping spree for a total of $11.73 today. We never did manage to find suitable lunchbags though...

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