Thursday, October 31, 2013


my co-conspirators

I have 2 amazing sisters and the youngest one turned 21 yesterday so of course, a little surprise was in order.

We hit up a discount store near out house and saw this...

what 21st birthday is complete without creepy clowns?
 And set off with bag of vandalism surprise tools.

We decorated the front yard.

we were going to completely fill the door up with balloons but
the ones we bought were garbage, immediate headache after
blowing up the first one so we gave up after only a few

And the back.

the co-conspirators used silly string for the first time,
they decorated each other more than the house

And lastly, a little surprise for when they opened the curtains and a nod to my favourite blogger.

Some people would get mad but like I said, my sisters are amazing.

Why spend life being serious when you can have so much fun?

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