Tuesday, November 5, 2013

JACKASS OF THE MONTH - November 2013

Who doesn't like to complain a little? I'd like to introduce you to the kind of blog feature I can really get on board with....

The Jackass of the Month

The Jackass of the Month award is not your average award. This isn't for the jerk that cut you off in traffic this morning or your neighbour using his chainsaw on a Saturday morning, it's reserved for the real jackasses that actually, willfully, make the lives of other people worse on a daily basis.

And the award goes to....


This one goes to the assholes who let their dogs poo on the property of a school and leave it there. For the people who willfully ignore signs that say "No Dogs Allowed".

Do you know what happens when you let your dog shit in a schoolyard?


There's a reason I don't own a dog, I'm smart enough to know that I don't want to clean up another animals poo. Wiping my own ass is enough, thank you very much.

What's worse is these shitty dog owners actually have the nerve to get verbally abusive with caretakers of the school property when confronted about their dog's anal butter. I watched a dog owner as he watched his dog drop some rectal feedback, smile and pull his dog away before he shoved his snout all up in that nasty smelling tootsie roll. I watched a woman in office attire glance around furtively as her 150-lb Mastiff dropped a massive steamer and then started to run, in her heels, away from the scene of the ass sneezing. Another yet, made an attempt to kick some dirt over the doggy sausage her German Shepard annihilated the playground with.


So beware, assholes who let their doggies leave toxic turds on the schoolyard... Parents get mad when their kids come home covered in shit, by-law officers come patrolling at random hours of the day and you never know who will be taking pictures...

*I can't take credit for all these wonderful, shitty words although I wish I could. Many thanks to Brenna Lorenz for compiling the Poop Thesaurus.

You'll find a Jackass of the Month Submission Form at the bottom of this blog... nominate your favourite asshole today!

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