Friday, November 15, 2013

The Roundup

- ohmygosh I've been in a total news hangover for a week. At first, I had fun with the whole Rob Ford thing because I've never been a fan of his and seriously, A MAYOR THAT SMOKES CRACK MUST BE MOCKED but now I'm over the high and I'm just so saddened.  Here's a guy that's openly racist, homophobic, drives drunk, drives while reading, admits to smoking crack and buying drugs while in office and then goes on the radio to talk about how his wife and their bedroom activities OH MY GOD HOW IS TORONTO STILL STANDING? And how on Earth are there still members of Ford Nation? I get it, he's a people guy, a real normal I have problems and I'm not afraid to admit it kind of guy but still people, you're okay with all this?

Get off my TV, radio and out of my head, Mr. Ford. I can't take any more questions from my kids about crack or stupors, I just can't.

- I went to parent-teacher interviews and I love my kids even more than I did before. Mr7's teacher said to me, "He is just so helpful, so friendly, so bighearted. One of the other grade 2 teachers told me I'm so lucky to have him in my class and I agree."

- Took our 50-ish, mullet-ed, camo-wearing neighbour Stan, out on some errands the other day. In line at the surplus store, he starts checking out some slingshots. The man in front of him comments:

Man in line: "Those look like they'd be fun toys."
Stan: "Toys? These aren't toys, they're tools."
Man in line: "What do you use them for?"
Stan: "Hunting squirrels."
Man in line: "Oh. You do that often?"
Stan: "Squirrel is much cheaper than chicken."
Man in line: "Oh yeah? I don't know, I saw chicken on sale for a buck a pound last week!"
Stan: "But squirrel from the backyard is free!"

You know what? This is what happens when I do nice things for people. Also, I think a regular posting on the stuff that happens when I hang out with Stan is in order.

- I've become a giveaway whore. I can't stop entering blog contests. At this point, I'd probably enter your blog contest to win 12 packs of Kool-Aid.

Happy Friday!

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