Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gettin' Crafty: Jewelry Case

This past Christmas, I made all my gifts. Every. Single. One. Thankfully we have a small family.

I forgot to take pictures of most of what I made except for this, hands down my favourite gift this season, made for my sister.

She said she needed a jewelry case. So I started with a wooden box I found on the side of the road and filled in all the holes. So many holes.

Then I made a frame out of scrap wood pieces and glued them into the box. Covered that with a piece of plastic mesh from the dollar store.

Spray painted with 2 cans I had hanging around from old projects and covered in a high gloss clear coat.

Then I attacked some used fashion magazines I picked up at the thrift shop, covered the plastic mesh with a piece of fabric (again from the thrift store) and covered it with a few layers of mod podge. Add some fancy knobs I found at the surplus store for 39¢, one more spray with high gloss and voila! A jewelry case worthy of my princess sister!

She can hang her necklaces from those fancy knobs, poke holes in the mesh to hang her earrings and use the base for rings and bracelets. Total project cost? $12.

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