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Ok, so yes, it's a small local mag that's distributed for free. So yes, it's put out in part by my brother-in-law so I'm a shoe-in for reporter status and yes, it's more of an interview than an article BUT...


I got the chance to go see Neverending White Lights in November, smack-dab in the middle of a  snowstorm. It's a conceptual band, fronted by the ├╝ber-talented Daniel Victor. Daniel's vision sees a band that's not a band. By collaborating with many different artists he's able to bring a different vocal sound with each single but keep the ethereal, haunting, alternative sound in the background. 

Sadly, apparently Daniel and I talked too much post-concert and Breakdown Mag had to cut some of my article (grrr) so here it is... along with 2 of my favourite pictures I've ever taken.

The light, the smoke... I love. The shadow of Daniel Victor's iconic hair? Brilliant.

3 days. 3 venues. 50+ bands. Just another weekend in the Kitchener music scene.

Friday night at the Chrysalids Theatre was a rocking place to be. Breaching Vista put on one of the best performances I've ever seen them do, Acres of Lions was a new band for me, a real treat to hear and Gregory Vitale with Flowerchild soothed my soul with those incredible vocals.

Hailing from Windsor and headlining the night was Neverending White Lights, the conceptual band fronted by Daniel Victor. The show was all-around electrifying and featured guest appearances by Evan Konrad of Vancouver's Bed of Stars and jDiggz jumped onstage to perform "This Time", which is a truly positive message song once you dig past the rapper slang and swears.

After being extremely gracious with his fans and signing autographs, Daniel Victor sat with me and talked music, touring and… zombies from the bible?

ME: You've recently collaborated with D-Sisive. What was different about the collaboration?

DV: I'm a fan of D-Sisive and had the pleasure of seeing him live in my hometown of Windsor. Watching him perform live changed my opinion of his talent, he's a really great storyteller. We actually wrote that song on Skype, we just put the video on, he was laying in bed (I don't know why), and I was sitting at the piano and he's just laying there saying "Let me hear something", I was playing these chords and it just happened. I wrote it in one night then came up with the idea for the video. We went to California to shoot the video and now the song is on the top 30.

ME: What's the best show you've ever played?

DV: Best show we played is really tough because every show is different and every show has it's own defining characteristic. Every show has a different dynamic because it depends on the crowd. Sometimes we play laces where people are completely disinterested and sometimes we play places where people just go crazy.

ME: Well okay then. How about most memorable?

DV: We were a part of Edgefest… with Our Lady Peace, Keane, Hot Hot Heat, all these great bands, and we were able to do that show. The reason it's my favourite performance is because before I went on stage my dressing room was shared with Keane from the U.K. and I'm a huge fan and I was listening to him play through the wall warming up his voice and I thought "wow this is so awesome". So we went on stage and the sun was going down and there was 13,000 people and it was such a great show. It was summer, it was beautiful.

ME: What can we expect from you in 2013?

DV: I have a few projects on the go; I'm producing Evan Konrad's album, coming out next year, so it's a big deal for me because I signed him to my record company. Number 2, Black Ribbons just came out so I want to put a band together for Black Ribbons and tour that album with a whole different band and a whole different sound and a whole different look. Dancers, video. Crazy stuff. And most important, Neverending White Lights Act IV. My goal is to have that album out by the end of 2013 and have some awesome special guest collaborations on it. I've already got Lights and a couple other people working on it.

ME: What's more likely to happen, zombie apocalypse or bible apocalypse?

DV: Definitely not bible apocalypse. From all my scholarly knowledge, studying and working in world views and religion I can very safely say that zombies are just as much if not more likely to reappear on the Earth than the biblical apocalypse.

ME: That's good to hear. Zombies are less scary than locusts.

DV: Yeah! And when you think about it, if the bible prophesy does come true Jesus will come down and judge the living and the dead, so he's going to raise the dead they're all gonna come out of the ground and be zombies. Either way, zombies are coming.

Thanks to Breakdown for the opportunity to write.  I'll be coming back with some real articles and spotlights on local indie bands soon.... I <3 music!

EDIT: * I apologize to DV for posting a picture under ZOMBIES ARE COMING that may or may not have made it look like he is a zombie. Because I don't think he is. A zombie. Because he didn't try to zombie-attack me, which a zombie would most definitely do. *

EDIT: ** Unless of course, the reason he didn't zombie attack me is because I'm already one myself and don't know it. **

Oh crap.

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