Wednesday, February 20, 2013

9 Days

9 days.

We're staying with my sister and her boyfriend who have been absolute saints about sharing their house with 4 extra people. This may have to do with all the cooking I've been doing.

On Friday, I was dismayed to hear that they hadn't closed the house deal because the sellers can't find all the paperwork they need to hand over.

Long weekend. Yesterday, I couldn't raise anyone involved in the deal on the phone.

This morning, they told me it should close today.

And now? Nothing.

No one is answering their phone, no one is returning my emails.

I feel like we're being railroaded and lied to. We can't move on with our lives because we have a new lease that we need to honour. Which basically means if they don't close the deal for another 2 weeks, we still just have to sit and wait because we're still on the hook for another year's worth of rent.

And in the meantime, I sit and feel like an asshole for taking advantage of my sister. I cry when my kids beg me to go home. I get angry when the school threatens to send the truant officer because my kids aren't going to school. I'm bloody furious when I get told "It should be today..." because they've been telling me that for 8 days.

I have a FoodLove event scheduled for this weekend and no way to bake for it. I have a cat at home that could be dead.... how long can cats go without food, water or love?

This is fucking bullshit.

** EDIT: I was able to enter the house on Feb 20 ad check on Momo. She's is a-ok, although more than a little angry with me. Thank goodness!

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